Problems of traditional and modern task management tools

  • Traditional (Such as Excel)

    • Time-consuming
    • Incorrect project information
    • Difficult to track project progress
    • Lack of collaboration
  • Modern

    • Complexity (Too many features & excess data)
    • No flexibility and customizability
    • No scalability
    • No control over sensitive data
    • High price
    • Overcomplicated reports
  • Traditional tools are not compatible, comprehensive, adaptable, or supportive of the tasks, partners, and departments. They cause data inconsistency, confusion, errors, conflicts, inefficiency, waste, or delays.
  • Complex tools require a lot of time, effort, and money to master, use, update, and fix. They also do not work well with other systems or platforms. They cause frustration, resistance, confusion, data loss, or functionality issues.
  • Both types of tools hinder the communication, coordination, productivity, performance, morale, satisfaction, quality, and innovation of the company and its stakeholders. They prevent the company from achieving its goals and objectives.

Our Solution

Our solution is to create a simple and efficient platform to manage everything better.
PerTask is a task management system that helps you organize and access all the data you need for your work. With PerTask, you can:

  • Categorize and filter data by various criteria, such as department, project, priority, and deadline.
  • Visualize and analyze data using charts, graphs, dashboards, and reports.
  • Share and export data with your team members and clients in various formats, such as PDF, CSV, and HTML.
  • Automate and optimize data processes using workflows, rules, and triggers.

PerTask is designed to help you integrate and categorize data from different departments and teams.


Track, conquer, and smile our task system has it all!



Save your time and start getting things done PerTaskly!

Competitive Advantages

  • PerTask is easy to use and has a simple features layout design, unlike Asana and Jira which are more complex and require more training.
  • PerTask can customize its premise based on customer needs, while Trello, Asana,, and Jira have fixed premises that may not suit every project.
  • PerTask has low pricing compared to other software, especially and Jira which are more expensive.
  • PerTask can export activities and projects to different formats, while Trello and Asana do not have this feature.
  • PerTask has advanced filters to sort and organize tasks, while Trello and lack this feature.
  • PerTask can monitor user/software performance and generate reports, while Trello and do not have this feature.
  • PerTask offers 24/7 support to its customers, while Trello, Asana, and have limited support hours.
  • PerTask uses the T-shirt sizing methodology to estimate task complexity and duration, while other softwares do not have this feature.

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